Saturday, 23 November 2013

Random pictures of Christmas decorating

Some pictures of my house as it looks so far. The Christmas cushion below I have had for years but this year I stole an idea from Garden of Daisies who collects Christmas tree pins and displays them on a gorgeous hanging quilt. I had some Christmas pins so I pinned them on to the cushion and I like the effect.

                              I found another Jan Brett children's book for my collection!!
 This is the end wall of my sunroom where I have all my ceramic houses displayed all year round.

                                                          My Christmas Cactus
                The long shelf in the diningroom that usually has 16 cups and saucers displayed.

                       Even the teddy bears deserve their own Christmas      tree and presents.
     This is actually an extra tree skirt that I wanted to use somewhere ( I used to always put up two trees but now have not the room.) The "snow ball" and teddy bear on top hide the hole in the middle of the skirt.
And last of all my sideboard as it looks this week. Still have more to unpack so who knows how it will look next week.   

                      Enjoy the season,    Granny M.


  1. Always inspiring to see how other people decorate for Christmas. I love all your ceramic houses up on the high shelves, adds so much warmth to your room. I must ask if the little china tea set that your teddy bears are enjoying tea from is a miniature Royal Albert Old Country Roses set???? I once saw a miniature set complete with tea pot at a flea market but the price was prohibitive ($20. per tea cup, $50 for teapot) although I must admit that I looked longingly at it for quite some time and could hardly think of anything else for days thereafter.

    1. Don't I just wish my teddy bears had that set!!! No, theirs is just an ordinary but Christmassy little set but they are quite happy with it.

  2. Lovely decorations and a wonderful collection of ceramic houses.