Saturday, 7 December 2013

Busy Saturday

First thing this morning I picked up a few groceries that I needed then stopped at the thrift store to drop off a box of donations and had a peek at what they had that I might like. I found some lovely blue ornaments and a couple of hand-made doilies, one in a blue/green and the other in a delicate pink. All the work that went into them and I paid a dollar!! When I came home I knew just where I wanted to put them.

Once I had done that I went to bring in the Orange log cookies and the centers for the peanut butter balls that were on the porch. Yes, it is as cold on the porch these days as in the freezer!!  I melted chocolate and the grandkids carefully dipped exactly half of each "log" in the chocolate. 
( Yeah, right!) Then they lined them up on a cookie sheet to harden. Next came the PB balls. We used forks to dip these and the kitchen had a fair amount of chocolate spread around by the time we were done.

I also baked a Butter tart square using a recipe from the Company's Coming cookbook as a guide. I used an 8X12 pan instead of 8X8 because I don't like a thick crust. I do like a lot of filling so increased that by almost double. I have a habit of fooling around with recipes ( then wondering why they don't turn out?)  Actually mostly they do turn out. A baker's dozen buns and my Saturday baking is done!

Now I'm planning to do some scrapbooking. I hope you are having a lovely productive Saturday too.
                                       Granny Marigold

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  1. What pretty finds! You sound like me, my husband kids me about dropping off my donations at the back door of the thrift store and then going in to shop and bringing home more than I donated. :)

    The goodies look yummy! You've been busy!