Monday, 10 February 2014

Thrifty Tuesday

A recent trip to the thrift store  was rather disappointing as I found only two small items. A lovely
blank journal ( that I forgot to take a pic of) and a rather cute picture frame made of plastic but it looks quite like wood. It has 5 spaces so I put in pics of my 5 grandchildren and tried to get smallish pictures of them at about  the same age. Of course now the oldest two are 25  and the others 15, almost 11 and 4.  The  teddybear I got for a dollar the week before. She has a cloth body which is very different. Her clothes are actually sewn on to her. She had crushed flowers on her hat and dress, which I cut off and I gave her a bit of lace which I pinned with a brooch. I'll be looking for a nice cameo to use instead.

I couldn't resist adding the picture of the little man being a ham, wearing an old pair of his sister's sunglasses. 

                                         GRANNY MARIGOLD

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