Saturday, 8 March 2014

Tea cups

Those who know me, and those who follow my blog. know how much I love pretty tea cups. Rarely do I buy new ones, most come from garage sales or are given to me as gifts. The six pictured below came from an awesome garage sale I went to just this morning. The proceeds were going to support an orphanage in Africa so I went prepared to buy whatever caught my eye. And I did. 

These tea cups were going for a quarter each but I told the person taking the money that they were worth more so we settled on a dollar each ( as well as a dollar for the gorgeous plate in the last picture.)

Beginning on the left, the pretty green one ( which looks washed out but really isn't) is Royal Albert "Laurentian Snowdrops",the one slightly back is another Royal Albert this time the pattern is
 " Dainty Blue"
 The dark coral is Paragon, the pink one behind is also Paragon. The white one with bouquets of violets is Royal Grafton and the Turquoise  one with roses is Foley Bone China and is my absolute favourite of these six.

There was so much that I didn't even get to really look at because of the crowds of people that
attended. My sweet miss C  had come too and she found some cute slippers and other clothing, again, priced to sell!  We both could have spent another hour looking but Husband , who had kindly been our chauffeur, was bored.  Anyway, we were happy with our finds!!

       Happy Saturday!     Granny Marigold

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  1. It's no wonder that the turquoise tea cup is your favorite but the dark coral one is also stunning. Enjoy your finds as they are treasures! And what a bargain too. Regards, Ellabie