Thursday, 24 April 2014

Thursday's thoughts

The weather here today was rather awful.  I awoke to pouring rain and all day it continued on and off, mostly on!  Even my dog was loathe to go out to do the necessary and I had to be very firm with him.  He looked at me as if to say Do you really mean I have to go all the way to the backyard in this downpour?

I have been trying to use cans and jars of foodstuff that I have had way too long. Also things that are in the bottom of the chest freezer forgotten and hopefully not freezer burned.. Yesterday I took out a box of Phyllo dough bought last year with great intentions I'm sure ( I can't remember exactly what I thought I was going to make).    Now it is kind of important that you know I am not much of a cook.  I don't particularily enjoy making food. It always seems like you invest an hour in something that will be eaten in 10 minutes.  When all the kids were growing up I made supper from scratch every night and I am at a stage where I'd really prefer not do much cooking any more.  Baking...maybe. I do love to eat and I like to know what is in my food so if I make it, then I know just what I'm eating.   Add to this the fact that I am a vegetarian and my DH is not and you begin to see the picture.

Getting back to my Phyllo dough.  For supper today I decided I'd make two "strudels"...a savoury one and an apple one. The savoury one had a filling of mushrooms,onions,peppers, and cheese moistened with some mushroom soup right out of the can ( which was, incidentally past its date-to-use-by). I didn't use a recipe, I just winged it. I added black olives to "my half" and chopped ham to the other
 ( but forgot to somehow mark which was which). Anyway, here you see the result which was quite edible AND provided leftovers for tomorrow so I won't have to think up anything then. I was going to make a salad but we agreed that we wanted to leave lots of room for the apple strudel. Which is the one in the second picture.

So that was my day today. I hope I haven't bored you to tears. What was exciting in your day?

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  1. Oh my, I would pass up salad to make sure I had room for dessert too. Absolutely would! They look amazing.