Saturday, 24 May 2014

Thrifty Saturday

I know I usually post thrifty Tuesday  but I'm so excited about today's finds that I have to share them today. This lady at garage sale #1 was asking a dollar each for her lovely tea cups!!! You know how fast I grabbed my four favourites ( there were many more but none that I loved.)  Must admit it was hard to leave them anyway, at that price. This first one has gorgeous red roses on a white background.
On the bottom are the words Royal Standard Fashion. I don't know that any other of my tea cups are "Royal Standard".

This next three are all Royal Albert; this one is Pacific Dogwood pattern. I already own Royal Albert White Dogwood pattern which is  not that much different but the shape of the cup is very different.

I had a lot of trouble photographing the cups and getting a lot of glare. I tried different backgrounds but nothing really worked.               This pattern is Brigadoon. The thistles are blue and light purple.

Here I did manage to avoid that glare and I see that I forgot to take an individual picture of Laurentian Snowdrops, a teacup I already have. Now when you come for tea we can have matching cups!
Incidentally, the aqua throw was another of my finds this morning, at a different gs. It is so soft I will enjoy having it around my shoulders while I watch TV next winter. The throw was a dollar!

I'm not too sure exactly where this little pillow will end up but I liked it because of the ribbon embroidery on it. At least I think that is what it's called. The moss green fabric really sets it off.

                      A close-up of the flowers on the pillow.

Lastly here is my latest "cheese board and dome". I forgot to take a before picture. The base was wood grain so after DH sanded it I wiped on a thin layer of white paint which quickly dried and I gathered a few nature objects from the sunroom to display. That big holey thing is a seed pod BTW and the teeny weeny one to the left is a wasp nest. The rest are just quail eggs and a few feathers.

When I got home from garage sales of course I had to have tea and cake but after that I looked at how I could rearrange my cupboards to make room for the new cups. This lead to a couple of hours of changing things around which can be a lot of fun. I was not rushed and took my time. I managed to find half a dozen small serving bowls I rarely use that were taking up space and out  they went into the box of give-away stuff. Now I intend to have a restful evening and hope you have one too.    Granny M.


  1. You did get a steal with those tea cups. I can only imagine the leisurely but delightful time moving things around to make room for your new treasures. Love the nature display under the cloche. However, have never seen a seed pod like that before and am curious of its origins. Adds some lovely drama to the scene.

  2. I think the seed pod is from the Lotus plant. Wikipedia has a picture of one that looks like mine and also has interesting info on it. I have had mine for years and cannot remember where I got it.