Saturday, 12 July 2014

Saturday's Thrifty Finds

In spite of the heat wave we're in,  garage sales were still on, but not very many.  We had to rush because DH was planning on attending a Car Show ( old cars, that is ) in the park nearby before it got too very hot.  So here are my finds:  a Vancouver Canucks jersey and pillow ( gifts for someone), a Lego Star Wars book that little man will love, and two purses. The one with gold metal  trim is also going to be gifted and the other one unfortunately has a small rip in the leather and will go directly to the give away box. I hate it when I rush and don't take time to examine the things I plan on buying.

      If you look closely at the center bottom of the purse you can just make out the rip.

These lovely etched glass plates were made in Indonesia. They are 7 inches in diameter, just right for serving dessert. There are 5 of them and all for a dollar.

  Last is this cute Hummingbird feeder which I quickly stuck ( very crookedly ) on the fridge so I could take a picture.  We have at least four Hummingbirds in our back yard and they are so happy with all the flowers that they rarely come to the feeder that I already have up so if they don't come to this one I'll think of it as a decoration. LOL.
Those are my treasures.  Now it is time for a bit of housework  and by then it will be too hot to do much that requires effort. 

 Keep cool if you can!   Granny Marigold

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  1. Nice finds! The hummingbird feeder is very fancy. And the plates are lovely. I really enjoy finding things for my grandgirls when I go to garage sales or flea markets. Stay cool!