Saturday, 5 July 2014

Thrifty Treasures

For some reason there are fewer garage sales this summer than previous years. Nevertheless I managed to find a few treasures such as this magazine. I am not familiar with it but now that I know what gorgeous pictures it has I will look for it. Even the ads are pretty and offer much for potential collages. I paid .25 for it.

 The pic above is of yet another quilted table center. I just love quilted things and when I think of the work that goes into them and then the cheap price they sell for.... well, I just have to buy, right?

Below you see a Smash Book. I already have one that I have finished but I couldn`t resist this one, still in its original packaging and so much less money than you would pay at, say, Michael`s or even Wal Mart. ( I paid $4 )    Just in case you are not familiar with Smash books  they are sort of a scrapbook but much less organized. The pages are of different patterns and some give you a prompt but mainly you fill it with photos, quotes, ideas, basically anything you want to `smash`in it. Pinterest gives countless ideas how to fill one.
Incidentally, this particular Smash book is totally different from my previous one. I think I will use this one with a theme of Getting Older.  Because, of course, that is exactly what I ( and you) are doing.

 The grandkids love to do jigsaw puzzles and although we have many ( and redo them ) it is nice to have a few that we`ve never done before. Even the almost-five-year old can help. The Santa one will be fun come next December.

Speaking of the almost-five-year old, Monday will be his big day.  I have accumulated quite a bag of gifts in the last while. These T shirts with some of his favourite characters will be a big hit.

It`s a coolish day here, perfect for a bit of gardening and maybe some watering, since our sandy soil is again bone dry. The forecast is for showers but I`m afraid we need more than a few mms of rain.
Hope you are having a pleasant weekend.

                         GRANNY M.

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  1. You always manage to find treasures at g.s.! Not too many of them here now, I guess everyone is in summer holiday mode. I wish we could send some "showers" your way. We have a tornado watch today and are experiencing heavy deluges on already saturated soils. Humidex is 40C.