Wednesday, 9 July 2014

We're back

We were gone to the Interior of B.C., to the Okanagan area with the intention of picking cherries while having a time away.  There were lots of cherries on the trees and prices were very reasonable.

                   The bunches of cherries hung like bunches of grapes!

This gives you some idea of how laden the trees were. Other years we've had to pick off ladders but these trees were all accessible from the ground.

It was terribly hot ( 36 degrees C.  which is just about 97 degrees F.)  We had intended to pick 3 pails but went crazy and picked even more into a plastic  thingy.   53 pounds later we quit!!!  Both of us were so hot and tired.  

       Got to our campsite and had supper. I had eaten so many cherries I wasn't too hungry.  This was our view towards the river.  We sat outside until the bats came out. I always look forward to seeing them dart about.  Then the stars came out a a breeze began to cool us a bit.

That was Day one. Tomorrow I'll write about our second day.  Now all I want to do is jump in the shower. I feel like I was gone a week, not 2 days!

                         Granny Marigold

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  1. I just viewed your pictures of your trip coming home. I wish I would have been
    there. I love seeing all those sites of abandoned old places and traveling on
    a quiet road. Made me remember our times together at Clinton, BC.
    You take some very nice pictures. I bought six country rose saucers at the gs,
    no cups. Tell you more Tuesday Nancy