Monday, 11 August 2014

Summery Monday

Yes, it sure is summer weather. I think we're breaking the record for high temps today.  Just to step out the door is to hit a wall of heat!  In spite of this I had the bright idea of using the oven. We had bought cherries yesterday at super low price and they were very ripe. I made a lovely cherry and custard pie ( except that I made it in an 8 X 8 square pan instead of a pie plate like the recipe specified).  Also made four lovely jars of cherry jam which will taste so good .
   Here are just some of the cherries we got.


The tea towel hides the corner where I cut a piece out before I remembered that I wanted to take a picture. That's what heat will do to your brain.

                    It's so hot that rose petals crisp up and become pot pourri overnight .

Tomatoes love this weather and we are enjoying their wonderful flavour. These are "Early Girl" which tends to have small fruit but is an early producer.

Time to have some more ice tea and maybe start another library book.  Is it hot where you live?

                Granny Marigold

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  1. It's pretty nice here. To me that means low 80's. No higher! I prefer 70's. I was born in SE Texas, and don't like extreme heat or humidity. :( I'm proud of your fruity productivity! I BOUGHT a jar of crabapple jelly the other day because I no longer have trees of my own. If I knew I was staying here long-term I would plant more. The potpourri looks lovely and fragrant. Iced tea and a library book sounds like a wonderful idea. I think I'll join you! :)