Friday, 1 August 2014

Tea cups

Is it time to post some pics of tea cups again?  The first one is one that was given to me recently by  my DIL's step-mother whose mom passed away and left a number of tea cups. So this cup will always have lovely remembrances associated with it. The pattern is "Torquay" by Royal Albert.
(The berries are Mountain Ash  berries that I brought back from my walk this morning. )

The next tea cup is one I have shown before but I thought it looked so pretty with the variegated Laurel leaves ( that I plucked from a bush in front of the Drug Store, put into my purse, and forgot about  for a week. Rediscovered them today and I am amazed that they are still in fine condition.)
The tea cup pattern is Laurentian Snowdrop.

Happy First Day of August. Did you know that today is what is known as a cross-quarter day?  It marks the half-way point between the summer solstice and the fall equinox. ( I hope I have that right. If not, correct me). ( Have you noticed I seem to use brackets a lot?)
        Granny M.

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