Sunday, 17 August 2014

This and That

I just came inside after doing some dead-heading of Zinnias and cutting down Hollyhocks that had reached 7 or 8 feet and were now more or less finished blooming. I left some to self-seed, which they always manage to do. It's getting quite warm out and I'm glad to come in where it's much cooler.

Went to the fruit and veg. market this morning to buy what I need for the week and there were very ripe Apricots for  49 cents a pound. I took what there was ( only 3 pounds) but that was enough to make these jars of wonderful jam. 

Yesterday I had some luck at garage sales and got these bits and pieces . I love the dark pink Irises on what I assume are placemats although I'll use them as runners. The strangely shaped doily is a bun-basket liner ( or so the woman said) and has nice cross stitch detail.

What really caught my eye are these two crocheted pot holders. So much work has gone into making them. I will find a spot to hang them where I can enjoy their beauty.  All this cost me two dollars!

Too bad this pic is blurry but you get the general idea of this 'rough' surfaced container with dragon flies and bees etc. on it. Maybe it's meant to be a honey pot.

 Then there's this candle holder made with heavy chain that has been welded in place. I think this will form part of a rustic autumn display!

 Quite different is this opaque vase wrapped with wire and a small bead decoration towards the bottom.
Everything was so inexpensive that I couldn't resist.

Only 2 more weeks left in August and although Fall is not officially here until September 23 to me Fall begins with the new month. 
Wishing everyone a great week.
              Granny Marigold


  1. I can never resist anything hand embroidered at a sale. It has a history and you appreciate how much went into making it. I love the "honey pot", too! Strangely enough I'm looking forward to fall. I never have been a "fall person" before, but summer is so hectic in this touristy area that I'm looking forward to peace being restored as the visitors head home for the winter! :) The jam looks delicious! I may have to make some just for that feeling of accomplishment it gives. You have a great week, too!