Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Thrifty Tuesday

I had a leisurely time browsing at the thrift store this morning. I found a few treasures but when I got home and changed my clothes ( I was wearing slacks and wanted something cooler) I found I had two large smudges on my bum, as if I'd sat on something dirty. I don't know at what point it happened but I sure hope I wasn't walking around the store like that!!!

The first 'treasure' is a pretty creamer about four inches high,  with a lightly patterned brown bottom, a gold band separating it from the creamy top that  has flowers painted on it. There are some numbers on the bottom, nothing else.

This pretty tea cup had no saucer so was marked at 1.99 and Tuesday is Senior's discount day so I got an additional 30% off. Couldn't leave it there.   Roses encircle the top. There is also a gold band at the very top and around the pedestal base, and the handle.  Sorry the picture is a bit fuzzy.

This next piece is not a plate because it's perfectly flat and thicker than a plate would be. I'm thinking it's a trivet. In any case it is hand painted in Spain and I love the intense colours.

Fall is coming and although now the days are too warm for comfort soon I'll be wanting to wrap a cozy blanket around my shoulders. Never mind that I already own more than a few, this snowflake fleece blanket is so incredibly soft I gave in and bought it.
Those are my finds of the day. I'm especially happy to have found them because garage sales have been somewhat disappointing this summer.  Thankfully thrift stores exist. There are at least 5 in our town and I try to visit them all from time to time.  Today's is the one I like the most and where I usually have some luck.   Happy Tuesday!      Granny Marigold

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  1. Wow, you really found some beautiful things! I especially love the little tea cup that needed a home and the soft fleece blanket. Yes, fall is on the way. We must prepare for cooler evenings! :) The Robin Williams movie you mentioned is Mrs. Doubtfire. I loved that one! Happy thrifting! :)