Friday, 5 September 2014

Autumn Decorating

I'm slowly getting some fallish things out of the cupboard.  This urn is a recent garage sale find but I've had the cream and sugar, the candle etc.. for a number of years.

I'm trying to decide if I should use the urn... or the glass 'vase' with the (blown) Quail eggs.
The eggs seem more appropriate for Spring.

                     A few pumpkins on the doll house steps.

This little guy probably has nothing to do with Fall but he ( it?) seems to be here every day now, and is quite used to us talking or even walking nearby. One sudden move and he's disappeared under the vegetation.   As you can see by the empty pot, I've begun pulling out any annuals that were looking tattered.  The Petunias have exhausted themselves as have the Pansies.  You can just see the Strawflowers in the bottom left corner; they seem to be keeping on but the flowers are smaller than they were earlier in the summer.  The Rudbeckias are lovely and provide nice colour now.  We had at least an inch of badly needed rain earlier this week. 

What's happening around your house?    Please leave a message so I know you've visited.

                              GRANNY MARIGOLD


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