Monday, 15 September 2014

Our trip to pick fruit

It's a beautiful, sunny Fall day and we took advantage of the cooler morning temperature to go to the Pumpkin Farm which has WAY more than pumpkins. You can either buy ready picked or pick your own. We chose the latter. except for pumpkins and gourds which were already picked .    Here my DH is picking plums ( we had 24 pounds when he was done).

 It's a great place where you can walk around ( or be pulled in a wagon) and look at animals in the barn, feed hungry goats, see chickens, turkeys, you-name-it.

Here are just some of our plums. Most will end up in the freezer ( which is getting very full).

We also picked huge apples and winter pears.. I believe these are a variety called Bosc.   Unlike regular Barttlet pears these keep well . They stay firm and taste more like an apple than what you might think of as pear. I put some on a tray to show you.

I plan on making a Caramel/apple pie later in the week when we are supposed to have a few cool days. Maybe even some badly needed rain!

Thanks for visiting. I hope your week is starting out fine! 

             Granny Marigold


  1. I would have a hard time choosing between all of those fantastic gourds! That caramel apple pie sounds extremely scrumptious. And a great way to spend a fall day, baking and enjoying! :) Sounds like a fun outing!

  2. Those decorative gourds look amazing! I made some caramel apples last week-a taste from my childhood-they were delicious. Have a great week!

  3. You seem to find the neatest places to visit. I am enjoying them vicariously through your blog.