Monday, 1 September 2014


Welcome First Day of September. I love this weather... cool nights followed by warm afternoons. So many different kinds of freshly harvested fruits and vegetables!  Yesterday I found cheap Roma Tomatoes and decided to make "sun-dried" tomatoes ( in the oven). We love them on homemade pizza. I ended up making five cookie sheets of cut up tomatoes and got a medium-sized Tupperware container for my efforts. Still, they're worth the bother ( and mess).

                   This is half of the tomoatoes, washed and ready to cut up.

Here they are, cut up,  with some of the seeds squished out, lightly sprinkled with garlic and celery salt.

 After about 2 hours in the oven they are ready. If you're not careful they get a bit charred but they still taste delicious.  I loosened them carefully from the parchment paper, put the entire cookie sheet in the freezer to firm they up enough so they wouldn't freeze together. Then I layered them in the Tupperware container using more parchment paper between layers.

This is a decorative plate I bought at a garage sale last Saturday.  It's perfect for the season, don't you think?  All I had to do was put little felt thingies underneath it so the table doesn't get scratched when I push the plate aside. ( DH and I eat at this small table instead of the bigger dining room one. So I'm moving whatever is on the table a couple of times a day!).

I'm already collecting handfuls of fallen leaves as I walk through the park. Some of these are last year's leaves that I stuck in various books to dry). They look lovely on the plate and make me happy.

Do you decorate your home in any way for Fall?  I'd love to know what you choose.



  1. I love to decorate for fall! Even though we still have a few more weeks of hot weather here, September 1st always seems like the end of summer.

  2. amazing the simple ways you find to decorate and how you enjoy doing this.
    no, i don't decorate except christmas time but I can fully appreciate the way
    you do this. Nancy. Thanks for sharing with us.