Sunday, 7 September 2014

This and That

A bit of everything today, starting in my kitchen.  Dahlias, tomatoes, and peach jam. I bought the peaches for .49 a lb because they were very ripe and had to be used right away.

Fresh peach jam calls for fresh bread. Too bad I forgot to take another picture once they were done!

At a garage sale yesterday I spotted this lovely TanJay cardigan.  Perfect for Fall, don't you think?
  It was only a dollar!  I love a bargain.

I got Brambly Hedge from the library again. I love the detail Jill Barklem puts into each illustration.

             These Teddy Bears dressed for Autumn came out of the cupboard this week.

I have been wishing for a violin in Teddy Bear size and yesterday at another garage sale I found this Ukelele, still in its original box, souvenir of Hawaii. I think this Teddy looks quite pleased with himself.

Now this Teddy Bear insists she has to be included in today's post although she's dressed for WINTER not Fall. No use arguing with a Teddy Bear so here she is!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend whatever it is you are doing.

                               Granny Marigold


  1. I must admit I was a tad envious at your .49 price for peaches as I paid sale price of $1.49/pound and was reluctant at that price to try a new recipe for Peach Bellini Jam. Thankfully it tastes delicious but I wish I lived in the fruit belt of Canada like you. But I do have to admit that I didn't bake any fresh bread to accompany the jam, ours came from the supermarket :(

    1. In the Supermarket our price for peaches is 1.98 ,; this was at a fruit & Veg market that is known to put aside "seconds" and sell them cheap. Peach Bellini jam sounds delightful!!

  2. The cardigan is SO cool! What a deal! I hope you are enjoying your jam and bread. Brambley Hedge is one of my favorites. Jill is one of my favorite illustrators. I could just gaze at those pictures for ages. You find the best things at garage sales! (Ukeleles?!?)