Sunday, 21 September 2014

Thrifty Buys

The garage season is almost at an end for the year. Thrifty buys are harder to find now. I did pick up this lovely big tea pot for two dollars. I make myself a pot of tea every single day so I'll use it a lot.

I love hand made quilted bags. Besides being pretty, they are so useful. I carry groceries, library books, garage sale treasures, sometimes I even use one to carry my camera and binoculars when I go for my walk.  This bag cost me 1.50. This side is my favourite. The next pic is the other side and you can see the trim and lining is a cheery print.  There's even an inside pocket ( cell phone?)

These pears were a thrifty buy at .49 cents a pound. They will have to be eaten today because they are quite ripe. No problem around here.

Those are my only treasures today. I hope you are having a restful Sunday.

                                           Granny Marigold

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