Thursday, 2 October 2014

A Sunshiny Day

This is the scene on my porch today. I gathered all the potted plants into the sunshine so they could get the full benefit of it. Sunny October days are so awesome.  This morning, on my walk, I was thinking how nice it would be to have air freshener called " Scent of Autumn"  that would include the smell of fallen leaves and wood smoke and whatever else it is that smells so good these days.

                   GRANNY MARIGOLD


  1. How very lovely with all the colors and textures in your planters. Are the mums in the foreground winter hardy? (I had to smile when I read about your wish for an air freshener the "scent of autumn"....here in our agricultural area, the scent of autumn is not of wood smoke but all too often the smell of manure being pumped onto the fields :)

  2. Pretty pretty..oh yes the scent of Autumn ..good idea..Well pumpkin spice will work for me(:)
    Oh the pumpkin wreath..I think they used the little fake pumpkins..attached probably with a little thin wire around the stem?
    ......who knows ..LOL