Friday, 17 October 2014

Making Pie

There have been rather more than usual number of pies being made in my kitchen this past week. Since pie making is not my favourite thing to do I'm proud of my efforts. The pumpkin pies were baked for Thanksgiving ( In Canada  October 13th this year)  and the Blueberry pie was particularily  requested by my youngest son whose birthday is today.  ( Since he'll be taking it home I felt I should make another one for my DH and myself . There was not enough pie dough left for a whole pie so I made a half-a-pie!)

I'll be making a Black Forest cake later today and will post pics of that tomorrow. That's the cake we'll all share tonight when we get together to celebrate his birthday.  This is the son who shattered his elbow in a bad fall at work 10 days ago. He has had surgery and hopefully the elbow will mend quickly.)

     My Blueberry pie and a half~ The half one really had a lot of juice run out.

  These apple crisps are not pies obviously, but I just made those as well. I like to make small individual desserts for my DH and myself. It's so quick and easy and by keeping the sugar and butter amounts low I even consider them healthy.
   That's the chocolate cake on the left, hot out of the oven and once it has cooled I'll turn it into the birthday cake. In the back you can see a few cupcakes made out of the same batter as the cake. My little grandson is not a fan of cherries and Cool Whip that I will be using, so he'll have iced cupcakes.

What's been happening in your kitchen lately? It's fun to see what others are making.

             Hope your Friday is a good one.        Granny Marigold


  1. Oh YUMMY! I wish I lived by you! I'd be ringing your doorbell in no time! I love pie, but my crust is marginal at best. I must practice and try harder.
    I'm glad your son is supplied with pie as he recoups!

  2. Yum! Looks and sounds delicious!

  3. Yum! I only bake pie at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Usually pumpkin. We enjoy all the calories we want, knowing it won't happen often. :) I used to bake pies and bread a lot when I was a stay-at-home mom. Now the energy and time just aren't there. You did well! :)

  4. I can identify with you about pie making not being a favorite activity :) You ask what's happening in our kitchens....I tried a new recipe for "Dalmation Cake", a recipe I requested from a woman who was selling various delectable looking German cakes and pastries at a local garage sale (she being a recent German immigrant). Well, they measure ingredients by weight, not by volume so my first attempt went "THUNK" as it landed in the garbage can. Fluffy it was not!!! But I had the correct amounts for the sauces (white and chocolate) that made the cake so delicious so I improvised the cake part with batter recipes I already had. Thankfully my second attempt was successful. But looking at your pics of pie makes me want to succumb and get out the Tenderflake lard and my pastry cutter. Thanks for the inspiration! Glad to hear that G. is recuperating in time to enjoy his birthday.