Friday, 31 October 2014


M.K. over at Through a Glass, Darkly, has been talking about tea lately and how loose leaf tea is better than tea bags which contain the "fannings" or tea "dust".  I realized there is a shop in a local mall that has a lovely selection of teas and decided to buy some and see for myself just how much difference it makes whether one uses loose tea or tea bags.

This lovely young woman was very helpful ( remember, it's October 31, hence her face painting). I chose Organic Earl Grey tea which the cute little canister ( free, by the way) tells me has Black tea, cornflower petals, and natural flavouring in it.

This is the type of tea (bags) I've been using until now. I like it a lot so I guess I'll see now how they compare. I do like the fact that the loose tea is organic since I've heard that tea can contain a fair amount of pesticides.  Comparing prices...   I buy the boxes of tea bags on sale for 2.99 and that is for 33 grams of tea.  The loose tea cost $9 for 100 grams.  IF my math is correct then the cost is more or less the same.

     If I'm going to be using loose tea I have to use a tea ball. Fortunately I have two!!
     Here you can see the cute canister the tea came in.

Ahhh! This tea is very tasty.  Even had it with no sweetener  ( although a bit of honey will make it even nicer).

Are you a tea drinker?  Loose, or tea bags?   Regular, or Herbal?   Leave a comment, please!

     Granny Marigold


  1. oh yummm
    I like bulk teas sometimes too..
    love the old house..and yes Montana and Yellowstone are great!!
    Have a good weekend .

  2. Hi! This is MK :) Great post! I'm fascinated that the price is really pretty equal, between the two teas. That's amazing -- I always assumed that nice, loose tea in a tin like that would be much more expensive. And what a nice tin! Do you take it back to the store and have them refill it, or does it come in the tin already packaged and sealed? It is a very pretty color. My husband reminded me of a pertinent fact -- in the U.S. we call it "black" tea, but in the far east nations where the tea is grown, they call it "red" tea. It shows the difference in how we steep it, I think. They steep until it's only red, and lovely and mild, and we oversteep until it is black. Hmm.

  3. M.K. I forgot to ask if I should return my tin to have it filled. She filled it from a much bigger tin, for an extra dollar I could have chosen a coloured tin. Well, I'm quite happy with this plain one. Thanks for visiting my blog. Come by any time. I must admit I often read yours but fail to comment.