Saturday, 18 October 2014

This week's thrifty finds

So many lovely treasures to show you this week!  The first is an awesome book filled with
more than 200 famous paintings in colour and with a short description. The book is in like new condition and was only two dollars! 

Next is a quilt that is neither crib size nor single bed size but something in between. It is partly machine made and partly hand sewn. It needed a bit of mending, which I was able to do. When I'm really old and need a lap blanket this will be the one I reach for.

All the treasures below came from the same garage sale. The movies were .25 each, the books not much more.  The long box is an unopened box of French Lilac drawer liners.  The almost full Mod Podge is matte. I had the glossy kind and was looking for the matte.

                             A cute BP book that includes stickers that are still in it!!

                                            A cozy cardigan that was a dollar!

 The teddy bear was sitting all forlorn and no one wanted him so he came home with me. I think he looks much happier now, especially since I found a nice sweater for him to wear.

I love my 'new' china mug. Unlike so many others that I have this one can go in the microwave.

This pretty cup has made in England "Washington" written under the saucer. I like the Autumnal shades of brambly flowers ( which look more red here but are not). The saucer is unusually deep. I like it.
 Last of all are these 4 custard cups which look old. Maybe they aren't. I got them because they please me and were a $1.25 for the set.

I hope I haven't bored you with my long list today. Some weeks I find next to nothing and then comes a week like this one.  Kind of makes up for the stressful week I had LAST week.

I hope your weekend is going ever so smoothly. My 2 daughters will be coming by for tea shortly as it is the eldest's birthday today. Yesterday was my youngest son's and today is my oldest's with almost exactly 12 years between them!

              Granny Marigold


  1. Lovely thrifty finds! I like the JF book with stickers! It was nice of you to bring Teddy home to your snug house.

  2. So many wonderful things you found! I love the brambly flower tea cup and the pretty little quilt. Lots of fun stuff! :)