Tuesday, 9 December 2014

A Very Wet Day

We are used to rain here on the BC coast but the rain we have had these past 24 hours has been phenomenal.  And it was today that my daughter and I went to browse in the lovely shops that I only go to at this time of the year and only with this daughter. We had a fun time. She was actually looking for Christmas gifts while I was just there to admire all the pretties. The shop pictured below was in an old house and had kept the various rooms as is and filled them with amazing "stuff".  Under what was the stairs to the second floor they had a cute kid's area. The picture doesn't do it justice. That ceiling... that is a giant chalkboard.
The pictures of the shop were taken with my daughter's phone because I had forgotten my camera. 

             This is a pic taken from the outside (wet world) and shows the display window.

                                    Here is just one of the displays inside.

That shopping was this morning and after lunch I went to the thrift store where the prices are more  to my budget.  I do like a 'new' purse and this one was three dollars.

The other treasure I found was these two cups ( which didn't have saucers). I love how the plain outside belies the gorgeous insides.

The Daffodil cup is by Paragon and the other one is Foley. They both have slightly scalloped edges and gold trim. I am happy to add them to my collection!

Now it is late afternoon and time to think of supper. Soup sounds like a good idea. Must go chop vegetables.   
I hope your week is going well.  Granny Marigold


  1. Sounds like a fun shopping trip. Nice teacups! :)

  2. I've been reading of all the rainfall warnings for your area. Nice to be able to get out and have fun browsing in spite of the weather outside. Keep dry and warm! ys

  3. Yes Ma'am, there's a lot of rain, coming around.

    Oh an old house, kept the way it was, and used for showing items for sale. I love that kind of a "store."

    Keep warm and dry!


  4. Hello, GM! I love your purchases and I do like those kind of shops very much. I rarely go to them either. It's fun to go with your daughter! I hope you are enjoying peace and goodwill these sweet days of December!

  5. Dec. 12

    On my Gladys Taber post, you asked if I have any of her books.

    Yes! I have all of them! Except the cat/dog books.

    Years ago, my husband and I used to go to Cape Cod, every Autumn, for a weekend. We had great fun, stopping at every Cape Used Books Store and searching for her books. So, between that, and getting some on Amazon Used Books, I have them all! :-)))))

    Lots are originals. Some are reprints. But I really love the old originals.

    Years ago, I was even in her Stillmeadow home, but that is a story, for another day. :-)

    So happy to find another blogger, who loves Gladys.

    And also happy, to blog about her, and introduce her, to others.

    Gentle hugs,
    ("Nana") Tessa~

    1. I am so envious. Not only do you have all her books but you've been to Stillmeadow!!! I have alerted the local used bookstore that I'm on the lookout for GT books and will make an effort in the new year to check out on-line sites as well.