Friday, 16 January 2015

A few of the Things that make me Happy

Now that all the Christmas things are put away I had empty space.... I assembled some of my Marjolein Bastin things here on this drop leaf table.  I sit and have my tea next to this table.

                 I got my paper dress banners out and hung them over my computer.


   How do you store your necklaces?  I have so many due to the fact that I buy them at garage sales also my oldest daughter makes jewelry and has given me many.  I like having them hanging on this board behind my bedroom door.

                            These two headless ladies hold quite a few.

         This is my ribbon-bulletin  board.  I find I like it when I don't have to make a thumb tack hole in  something that I want to display.

I wish I could have gotten a better pic of this poster that has a line from a favourite poem by W.E. Henley on it.   " Night with her train of stars and her great gift of sleep".  It hangs on my door and I enjoy seeing it whenever I come or go.

Last of all is this room blessing that hangs over top of my bedroom door. It's quite old, sweet, and makes me happy.  I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of the things I hold dear.

I wish you a wonderful weekend. I'm still trying to shake this cold so it will be a quiet one here.

             Granny Marigold

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  1. A quiet weekend sounds perfect to me! I loved looking at your pretty things. The poster of "Night with her train of stars..." is beautiful! Your house is full of objects that make you feel happy and content. Hope that cold takes flight soon! :)