Friday, 2 January 2015

Lazy Days

Slowly I am putting the Christmas things away and getting the house back to normal. All that is left now are the trees. I'm taking it easy, enjoying these days that really have no sense of urgency, no need for much effort.  Meals are even more "casual" than usual.  January is a time to think, plan, read, tidy up a drawer or two and, as the sign says, dream.

The sideboard has the other sign of the set I bought before Christmas at the Dollar store. This one says Family and is almost the same shade as my little tea set.  Don't you love Dollar stores? Some of the things they have are so pretty.

Did you notice that one candlestick is missing its candle?  This is a mystery because before Christmas I put both white candles away but when I went to get them out again one was missing. 

My older daughter made this pretty tree using three-strand wire which she then painted white and sprinkled with glitter. Isn't it gorgeous? She's so creative.

I don't watch many movies but over the past week I've watched three and today I picked up more that I had requested from the library.  I hope The Secret Life of Bees, which is kind of hidden by The Wind in the Willows, will be as good as the book. One of the movies that I watched earlier was Philomena. That was a very enjoyable yet heart-wrenching movie that I'm glad I took the time to watch.  On the other hand The Lovely Bones was rather a waste of time.  I enjoyed the book but not the movie.  A third one that I read the book and then saw the movie was The Girl with the Pearl Earring based on a painting by Vermeer. Although, as my DH remarked, nothing much really happens, I'm glad I watched it.  The nice thing about getting these from the library is that it costs nothing and if you happen to get one that is a dud so what?  Just don't watch it.

A small 'aside' here. I was looking for info on Vermeer and was struck by the fact that he and his wife had no less than 15 children. 

I hope your year has gotten off to a good start.  Have a lovely weekend.

                    Granny Marigold


  1. Saving Mr. Banks made me cry! I love the sets in The Wind in the Willows.

  2. I like your "take" on these days, and on January. Take it easy time. Snuggle in. Hunker down. Watch a library DVD. Read a good book. Oh yes!!!! ,-)

    I too, read "The Beautiful Bones" but didn't watch the dvd. Have no taken "Philomena" out yet, but I love, love, love Judi Dench. We did rent "Saving Mr. Banks" and will be interested to hear how you liked it.

    Must look for "The Wind In The Willows" since "Pom Pom" says she loved the sets. I adore sets, in film and even on tv. :-)

    Happy Hunkering-Down Days,

  3. I've got to look for Saving Mr. Banks again. I really want to see that. I can't imagine Wind in the Willows with people in it! :) I agree, the Dollar stores can have some fun things. Happy "after Christmas calm" to you and your household!