Friday, 23 January 2015


As I have confessed before, I have difficulty giving a name to my posts, so although this one is called Primroses there's not a lot about them really. I did buy two and put them in a basket that I had and I have been enjoying them. A spot of brightness in a winter's day.

I have not been able to rid myself of this cough and  if I didn't know that many others are also suffering from it I would go to the clinic but apparently it's viral and it's a matter of time and patience. Patience, which is NOT my strong suit.

Yesterday I decided to get out a quilt I bought at a garage sale quite some time ago.  I don't think I bothered to measure it when I got it because it didn't look like a queen size. Which it isn't. So I put it across the bed and I'm trying that look. Something different.  I like the pale mint green with the pink floral rectangle in the middle. The quilt is reversible and the other side is that pink material with solid pale pink.  The quilt is obviously hand made and doesn't look as if it was ever used. There's cute label sewn in that states "made for you with LOVE".

               Here you can see the reverse side.

Here is a pic of my newest mug. It has cute cats and kittens all over. I'm more a dog person than cat but nevertheless find cats cute. As long as they belong to someone else.You can see that I didn't learn my lesson re having my mug of tea by my computer.  It's just that that is where I like to sit and sip my Earl Grey. I try very hard to be careful.

Happy Friday and I hope you have a nice weekend whether you are going out or staying cozy at home.    

                Granny Marigold.


  1. Primroses are such a harbinger of spring! Love your new cat mug too, I can see why you couldn't resist it especially with the cats wearing those lovely hats! Hope your cough is better.

  2. Nice quilt! I saw some primroses at my grocery store. They are pretty, but I'm not much good at keeping houseplants alive. :) Have a great day. I've just had three days off (one unintentional), but I guess I'd better get back to work. :)

    1. Lisa, the Primroses were .99 each and will last a couple of weeks in the cool temps in the house, after which I'll probably dump them in the compost. Some people do plant them out for next year but being hothouse grown they don't really recover.