Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Pancake Tuesday

Pancake Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday, which do you call it?    At my grandson's school they had pancake breakfast on Friday. My DH was one of the volunteers who made countless pancakes for the students K to grade 5.
 Here he is just starting off .  Luckily it was a nice day because the grill is set up outside .

Today we went to the Great Blue Heron Reserve for our February visit. On the way we saw many swans in a farmer's field. They are really too far away but you get the idea.

Once at the reserve we had a lovely walk around. Many different kinds of water fowl. Here is a male Common Merganser. His mate was not far behind but I was having trouble getting a decent pic because the breeze kept blowing the twigs between me and the birds!! This is the only photo that wasn't blurry.

On our January visit we didn't see a single Heron but this time they were much more visible. This one seemed unafraid of us and posed nicely for a photo.

There's enough afternoon left to go out and putter about in the garden. So off I go.

         Granny Marigold

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  1. Yay for Pancakes! The heron is so graceful. I'm glad the weather is warm there!