Tuesday, 3 February 2015


I love pretty tea cups, tea pots, plates and dishes in general. If this subject bores you, don't continue to read,  please.
This little cupboard that my DH built a few years ago holds some of my favourites. ( As you can see, I seem to be collecting little jugs as well),

I thought I'd write about the four cups on the bottom shelf today. The one on the left has a grey border with assorted flowers on it and is slightly scalloped. Underneath is written 'made in England'.
The next one is a Queen Anne. Both the cup and saucer have pretty roses in red and almost orangey tones.

The delicate grey one on the left below was made in Japan. The circles have brightly coloured scenes of ladies and troubadours.
The last one is  made by Royal Chelsea and has a border of gold leaves on both the cup and saucer.

             This old sewing machine drawer holds a trio of cups that have no saucers.

                  Another small drawer holds napkins.

This gorgeous tea pot is my latest prize. When I saw it in the thrift store I fell in love with it. It is quite a big one and is in perfect shape.  Underneath it has the words "Arthur Wood & Son    Staffordshire, England

              As you can see, I've begun decorating for Valentine's Day.

Thanks for dropping by.   

  Granny Marigold


  1. I think my favorite is the first cup you described with the scalloped edge. Love the bright flowers! You create such pretty little vignettes all around your home. The teapot is lovely! Happy Valentines! :)

  2. PRETTY! I love the green shelf, too! I think I'll have tea in a teacup today!