Thursday, 26 March 2015


I wanted to post today but was at a loss for something to write about so....  I went around looking for red things to photograph. I bought this pretty tin for .30 this week. It's cute in a kitcheny way.

I've had these very old canisters for a long time and use them for rice, choc. chips, etc..

                The Bleeding Heart is more dark pink than red but oh well.

                   The tulips, on the other hand, are truly red!

             No one but I (me?) uses these two lovelies.

                             More red things

I got some library discard books given to me. This one is right on my theme.

Okay, these books are definitely not red but I had to include them. I have such good memories of reading the Frances books to my kids and now I get to read them to the grands. How great is that!

If you stayed till the end of my post maybe leave a comment so I know you dropped by.

             Granny Marigold


  1. I love red! And, I love Francis! :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Hi..
    I was writing a comment on my IPAD and it wouldn't post..so here I go again..LOL
    Love the reds u have .the tin reminds me of my red'n'checkered salad plates..
    I LOVE....and use all the time...
    the fact is so true you made on my blog..gardening is fun.. ''At First''..LOL

  3. I loved reading the Frances books to my daughter! My granddaughters are enjoying them now!

  4. i love your tea cups, I am envious of those beauties, good for you.
    My favorite is different than yours.
    How are your limbs doing after that walk, bet you'll sleep well

  5. I enjoyed your red post. I have touches of red throughout my house. I love red. :)