Tuesday, 14 April 2015

New Cupboards part 2

The paint is dry and I have arranged some of my teacups in the new spaces. I love looking at them as I sit at the table! I find them so lovely.

                   The cupboard on the left of the doorway holds my Royal Albert teacups.

 On school mornings when my sweet granddaughter is ready for school she will often bring a book up to the table ( where we are eating breakfast) and keep us company. She is a voracious reader!!

It's lilac time again and this bouquet fills the room with wonderful scent.  For this short time in Spring I get out my little lilac suitcase (originally from Dollarama)

I had a busy day of thrift store shopping ( didn't buy anything much but had fun anyway), baking ( a rhubarb/apple pie ) and generally tidying up the house. What filled your day?

                    Granny Marigold


  1. I can just feel your happy contentment as you gaze at your teacup collection. So nice to have a place just for them. What a nice granddaughter you have. We bookish folks have to be sociable now and then. ;) Our trees and bushes haven't even got leaves yet; it's soooo dry! To answer your question-I worked 7-3 and spent the evening watching videos on YouTube, eating soup and crackers, and trying to rest up and get over this cold. Should probably get to bed! Lovely post! :)

  2. The new cupboards are just perfect for all the pretty tea cups. I love them! Your granddaughter is lovely. I wonder if I can get a lilac bush to live here in my yard. My Mother loved Lilacs.

  3. HI Marigold..
    Love the cups on the cupboard, the lilacs and the voracious reader (:)