Thursday, 21 May 2015

This and That

Last Saturday, before my unfortunate fall, I found this Cath Kidston mug and matching tin at a garage sale. I have seen many lovely CK things on Pinterest but never "in real life" so when I saw this duo for a dollar I grabbed them.

Another purchase I made was this saucer made by Windsor which perfectly matches a tea cup I've had which was made by Delphine. They definitely look like a pair to me!

I have quite a collection of odd saucers and when I find a lone cup I always check to see if I have the saucer or at least one that "goes" with it. Often one of these saucers will be used for my morning muffin or scone. 

Our weather continues to be lovely. Our sandy soil means I have to do a lot of watering of flowers and now water restrictions are in force. Our days are Wed. and Sat. 6 to 8 AM. Yeah, right.  I am going to get up and get my watering done by 8 ? Its not like I can use a sprinkler because the water weighs the plants down too much so I do all hand watering and it takes me a long time. I'll just make very sure I get the front yard done on the right days and between the proper hours.
I can't see any city employee reporting this old granny with her arm in a cast and hardly able to walk
 ( did I mention that I pulled a muscle in my groin when I took that tumble?)

My DH has been a real jewel, helping with absolutely everything around the house. Good thing he's retired, huh? I'm hoping very soon to be able to walk normally again. The arm doesn't hurt at all protected as it is by the cast. Sleeping with the cast is a challenge. I bonked myself on the head a couple of times by accident. Tonight I'm going to take an extra pillow and see if I can rest my arm on that and maybe that will help.

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          Granny Marigold


  1. Ugh, I can only imagine trying to sleep with that cast. I would be tossing and turning and having to lift it as I rolled back and forth, all night. Amazing match with the cup and saucer! I've been complaining too about having to water the vegetable garden, but it looks like there might be rain coming our way next week.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your accident. I've been a little sick for the last few days, so just now catching up reading posts. You find such pretty cups and saucers...and all those saucers you have! It would be fun to have tea in a different one every day. Take care. Hope your arms heals fast.