Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Busy Day

I didn't plan to have a busy day... or a busy week, but it has turned into one. Mind you, it's been busy but in a good way. Yesterday I decided my arm had had enough time to be useless and I made supper for all 6 of us. My DH helped a lot and the littlest grand even set the table for me. ( He loves doing this because he changes  where people usually sit by choosing different placemats for each and assigning them to the one he chooses.)  We had just finished eating and clearing the table when we had a surprise visit from GD2 who we hadn't seen in quite a long while. She has been very busy getting her masters in library science but being a very determined person she accomplished this while working full time!  
Then today DD1 and her daughter, GD1 , came over and GD1 trimmed my hair, DH's hair and even her uncle's.  They stayed for a nice visit and after they left I worked outside dead heading Iris that were done blooming and pulling the occasional weed that had managed to grow tall and remain hidden!  Came in and did a little more baking. By 4 o'clock I sat out on the porch swing with the idea that I'd read for a while but I  almost fell asleep.  Fortunately there was really nothing left that I had to do. 
Tomorrow I plan on having a "vacation" day. I hope to finish the book I'm currently reading ( I am Hutterite  by Mary-Ann Kirkby ) and maybe do some scrapbooking, some sitting outside and doing nothing.  I hope you have a vacation day in your near future too. We really do need them.

          Granny Marigold


  1. I hope you're having that restful day today! :)

  2. I should have been making jam today, but ended up not, so maybe that makes it kind of a vacation day! I had a few last week while my sister was visiting, so now I really need to crack down and get things done. Your garden is lovely!

  3. I'm glad you are having a rest day! I'm going to read that book, too!

  4. HAHA a vacation day..great idea (:)
    love the banner..
    have a nice weekend Marigold (:)