Monday, 1 June 2015


Although Summer doesn't officially begin until the Summer Solstice ( June 21st this year) I've always felt that that the first of June ushered in the lovely season. Recently I read that there are recognized "meteorological seasons" and June 1 to August 31 is considered summer. September first then begins Autumn... just as I've always thought of it. Seems I've not been out-of-sync with my idea of when a season begins.  December first till the end of February is then winter. For us here on the coast March does feel like Spring although I know for the rest of Canada things are quite different most years!!

Peonies bloom for such a short while. I love to bring in a bouquet and put it in a white jug on the table where I can stoop to inhale the scent every time I walk by.  My dark pink Peony  is NOT thriving in its new spot and I've given it one more year and if it still fails to bloom it will have to go.

I have had a busy Monday doing laundry and baking cookies while trying not to use my left hand too much. It was quite a bit cooler today than it has been and we didn't need to open the umbrella that DH put up to protect the Astilbe bed from last weeks hot sunshine.

Have a good week and remember to stop and smell the Roses... and the Peonies.

Granny Marigold


  1. My peonies aren't quite ready but as soon as they are, I will take lots of photos. Yum! Cookies! Take it eady, GM!

  2. Peonies really don't last long enough. Those in my garden are all gone. Wish I had brought a few in to enjoy, like you. Hopefully next year I will remember to do that.