Tuesday, 9 June 2015

My Morning Walk

Another gorgeous sunny morning. The flowers in the park are at their best now. Daylilies, Lavender, Roses,  some kind of grass is also in there.


                             Bindweed ( wild Morning Glory) is lovely but so very invasive!

           Water Lilies threaten to clog the lake every year. There used to be a sort of floating harvester with big cutting blades that would sever the plants deep under the water.  Well, not really deep because the lake isn't very deep. But so far this year no steps have been taken to get rid of these.

As I walked along I came upon this turtle wandering around no doubt looking for a patch of sand where she could lay her eggs.  She was quite a distance from the water and still hadn't found any ( nor was there any to find. I wonder what she finally did?)

I made Potato soup for supper as well as fresh bread and Banana Loaf with choc chips for dessert.  My grandson ate so much his tummy hurt! 
Tomorrow the forecast is for slightly less warm temperatures so I'm planning on a few projects that I've put off due to the heat.       Thanks for visiting.    Granny Marigold


  1. Beautiful pictures! Potato soup sounds delish. Hope it cools down for you. I don't like really hot weather. I hope the turtle found a place to lay her eggs. I bet she did. ;)

  2. You have such a pretty place to walk. I am still looking for a pretty teacup and saucer! :)

  3. I love potato soup. How's the arm doing?

    1. I have to believe that under this darn uncomfortable cast my wrist/arm is healing and maybe even all healed?? Next week I go see the doc and will have to have X rays to see how things are.