Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Thrrifty buys

I'm not sure if buying things you didn't need even if you get them for very little, qualifies as thrifty, but I get a lot of pleasure out of my treats to myself.  These two tea cups were just a couple of dollars each,.  Don't you love my effort to make my photo look cute?

             This tea cup is made by Royal Grafton and the pattern is Rose Garden.
 This cutie is so different in colour, shape and size. The "gold" trim is obviously not gold at all. The words on the bottom are CC&T, made in China.  I like the triangular saucer and I have the perfect spot to display this one.

I couldn't resist adding this little Teddybear to my collection. Her plain grey dress and pretty cardigan make her look like a little schoolgirl.

The only practical thing I bought was this pair of slippers, Pink and ever-so-soft..... what's not to like?

Besides visiting thrift stores I have been trying to keep cool during the on-going heat wave. We have set so many new records for temperature and also low rainfall. No end is in sight.  We did go pick another 2 pails of blueberries.  The field opens at 8 and we were the second car there. Might as well take advantage of the cooler mornings. What are you keeping busy with?

        Granny Marigold


  1. Hi Granny Marigold, We are busy going to doctors and therapy! LOL I do love tea cups but hardly ever find them at the thrift store. But then I don't go too often as it seems I keep busy otherwise. The Teddy Bear is darling. Enjoy your comfy slippers! Nancy

  2. I can't believe all the beautiful teacups you find. I searched again yesterday while in Henderson. I saw a couple of okay cups but no saucers. I'm not giving up! Your Hydrangeas in your last post are absolutely beautiful! I have a Hydrangea that has never bloomed. You really have a green thumb.

  3. We all have our hobbies, which cost money, and 'thrifting' is such a fun one, and we can buy ourselves 'treats' for very little expenditure, and I'm right there with you on that one! Even though it is China china, that orange set is very unique. You'll have to highlight it in your Fall/Halloween decorating:)
    I've been picking our raspberries and currants, which didn't get watered and are small and the currants are drying on the bushes:( Need to get on the blueberry train next. Am considering going to pick some today. We have some of our own, but I need lots more, same with the raspberries and currants. Can't dawdle on this as the fruit seasons are shorter this year. Just looked at the week's forecast, yuk. I'd love to have a rainy day.

    1. This ongoing drought is getting scary. Not to mention the heat! I'm actually surprised your currants and raspberries bore fruit at all considering how little water they had. Hope you don't have to pick anything in the afternoon. It will be another scorcher. Happy Canada Day.

    2. Won't be picking anything in the heat, but do need to make jam, so I'll be heating up the house instead:(