Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Actually, this post is not so much about cookies as it is about the silicone pad that I used for the first time.  I got it at the Dollar store ( Betty Crocker is the brand). I tried to get info from the internet on whether to use it rough side up or smooth. The box it came in didn't specify. Some sites said one thing and others the opposite.  So I did my first batch on the rough side and the second on the smooth. As you can see there is a slight difference. The smooth side cookies seemed to spread more. (  I purposely left a lot of room between the cookies).

Do you own a slicone pad, and if so, are you happy with it?

On a totally different subject........I popped in to a thrift store this morning and as I usually do I start over at the canning and jam jars and work my way around the store.  An elderly lady leaning heavily on her cane was talking to one of the volunteer ladies and telling her that she used to can over 600 jars of fruit and veg. every year.  I had to go over and ask her if I'd heard correctly and yes, I had.  Can you imagine? It wasn't even like she had a large family. She mentioned something about there being only three. Anyway, I was very impressed.

My cookies are done, supper is in the oven , and all that remains to be done is peeling potatoes ( DH does that)  and preparing the green beans ( from our garden). Today is  my day to make supper for all 6 of us;  last night my DH and I joined my son and his family (downstairs) for supper and the rest of the week we eat each at our own "homes".  Works out quite well.

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             GRANNY MARIGOLD


  1. How did you like the silicone sheet? I wonder if it could function like parchment paper, but reusable of course.
    That is a lot of canning that lady did. One day I'll have to count how many jars of jam I sold last year, but a quick guess would be around 2000-2500. They all go in the canner too:)

    1. It certainly does the job that parchment paper does, at least for cookies, but I won't be giving my PP up just yet. I use quite a bit of PP for other oven stuff where the silicone just wouldn't do. I can't even begin to imagine making the amount of jam that you make.

  2. I have tried the silicone baking sheet too but we prefer the firmer texture of the bottom of the cookie when it's been baked straight on the cookie sheet. Did you find it had baked firm enough? Ellabie

  3. I haven't baked cookies directly on the cookie sheet for so long that I don't remember how they were. I'd say the textured side of the silicone made for a more 'firm cookie than the smooth side but when all is said and done I think I'll stick to my parchment paper. I'm glad I didn't pay much for that silicone sheet.

  4. I like your living arrangement! I'll probably do something similar eventually. I used to think I was canning a lot when I made a few quarts of this and that. I remember my mother-in-law having shelves of canned food in her basement. She had a lot of family "drop in" for Sunday dinner every week. Don't know how she made enough!

  5. Hi Lisa, We sure find that this 3 generation living together benefits everyone. Don't understand why it is not more common although among other cultures it still is. I remember my parents would also get quite a bit of "drop in" company. I would find that very difficult to deal with.