Sunday, 5 July 2015


I can't show you a photo of the earthquake so I'll show the thermometer.( Please ignore the ugly stepladder on the roof)   I took this a few minutes ago and the temperature will surely rise another couple of degrees later on. Incredible heat for us and also incredibly low humididty. 14 % last time I checked. Of course this makes the heat less unbearable than if we had a humidex but my skin is so dry!!!

About the earthquake..... around 12:45 this morning I awoke to the bed shaking as if a giant was yanking it back and forth. It lasted only seconds but I was wide awake and thinking it must be an earthquake. Sure enough, morning news revealed we had a 3.3 magnitude with the center about 7 km Southeast of town.  We've had lesser ones, ones that made the diningroom chandelier sway but never one this serious.  My son said he was awakened by the noise ( rumbling) but I didn't hear it, just felt it.   I don't think there was any actual damage. Fortunately.

                Granny Marigold


  1. Hi GM! Wow! I wonder if my mom felt it. I'm going to call her now.
    I'm sorry it's so hot! I bet you are watering a lot!

  2. Wow, that is weird, I was probably awake at that time and didn't notice a thing! Reading your post is the first I heard of it.
    I kept thinking that I was going to go and pick blueberries, but it never happened. Too much else to do.