Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Looking ahead to Fall

Ha!  When I read what I called this post I thought it might be referring to my ability to trip and fall but no, I am thinking of Autumn. At least I was when I saw these next two items in the thrift store this morning.  DH had to go to Habitat for Humanity and it's across the street from a thrift store so I tagged along and had him drop me off. He usually gets back withing 20 minutes so I have to hustle. The basket has a plastic liner so I can use it for flowers or fill it with gourds etc. It was a dollar.

   This metal tea light holder has glittery leaves. I love a bit of glitter!! Must be the kid in me. Cost me all of fifty cents.
  This next fifty cent purchase was sheer whimsy. I saw her and there was no question but that she had to come home with me. She was in the Christmas section of the store but to me she doesn't look particularly Christmassy at all.  Even if she did I would put her out in any season. Right now I've put her in the storage closet just till I find some things that would "go" with her.

Thanks for coming by.                       Granny Marigold


  1. Ha...your shopping gal is real cute, she made me smile:)


  2. The lady with the bags is just wild, love her! What time were you there, I was there just before noon until....well I don't think I'll admit how long I was in there:) Bought a few clothes and stuff, nothing amazing this week, but just so much fun to wander round.

    1. I was probably out of there shortly after ten. I hope to get to the East end one yet this week and see what treasures I can find there.

  3. Hi! Does that shopping gal represent you shopping! LOL I love your basket find! Nancy

  4. Love your autumn finds. The "whimsy" lady is a hoot!