Saturday, 26 September 2015

Flowers and "finds"

           My Dahlias are still blooming. This giant yellow one is my favourite.

The Sweet Autumn Clematis is doing its usual thing.... covering the long pergola. It has literally thousands of tiny flowers, most aren't even open yet. The scent is heavenly. 

          Under the clump of blooms in the left corner is a Rose, completely engulfed.

My finds are few this week.  Just three and each one was exactly one dollar. The decorative plate is by Marjolein Bastin

and two more orphan cups. The one on the left has the words " Del Mar  Japan   Hand painted 24 k gold"  on the bottom.  The one on the right  has "Aynsley  England bone china" underneath.
I love the colour of these two tea cups.

My Saturday was quite uneventful. We had rain then sunshine. Got some outside chores done ( with help from my sons). A bit of baking, some housework, somehow the day gets filled up and you wonder where it went.  Have a peaceful, restful Sunday.

         Granny Marigold


  1. That plate is so cute I love anything by Bastin, her artwork is so perfect! :)

  2. Hi G.M., I too love anything by Bastin. Your plate was a great find.
    Your gardens are fabulous! Wow!

  3. Hi! The flowers are so pretty. i don't try to grow dahlias because I would have to dig up the bulbs in the fall! LOL You have a beautiful place. Nancy

  4. Your fall flowers are beautiful!