Monday, 26 October 2015

Books and Flowers

Books and flowers are some of my very favourite things!!  In this case these are last week's library books.  The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place was a quick read ( junior fiction) and kind of amusing. I could NOT get into The Book Thief but I did enjoy The Distant Hours.
The little man was not interested in Prairie Christmas but has had me read ( actually he makes me sing) this cute book based on the 12 days of Christmas but from a Canadian perspective. He wants me to keep it as long as we can before having to return it.

I wanted some flowers to brighten up the sunroom and everything was 40% off at my favourite nursery so I bought three African Violets and a miniature rose. I love African Violets but they never seem to rebloom for me no matter what I do.  I had a miniature rose once before and I planted it outside where it promptly died so I'm going to see how this one thrives inside. There were no red ones left so I chose a peach/pink one. Now that I see them together I realize that this colour goes well with the violets.

Today is the 14th wedding anniversary of my son and DIL as well as the 52nd wedding anniversary of some dear friends of ours.  Happy Anniversary, you guys!!

          Granny Marigold


  1. Your new flowers are so pretty! I've been wanting a couple of African violets for my kitchen window but can't find any. Not many places to look for flowers in our little town. Flowers sure brighten things up!

  2. Your flowers are just the ticket, GM!
    The Book Thief takes some concentration but I think you'd like it.

  3. I enjoy Kate Morton books very much, glad you did too.
    I love African violets too but haven't had much luck with them lately. Yours look lovely.
    Hope your son and DIL had a lovely anniversary. Oh and your friends too.

  4. Hi! I love our library. Isn't it a great place to go for books! Your flowers are so pretty. I have never done well with African Violets. Nancy

  5. I love visiting the library and I love children's books, not as much for their stories, but for their art work. There are some amazing artist out there doing illustrations. I have not read The Book Thief, but did watch a movie by that title, if it is the same it was about a young girl who would break into a rich man's home to borrow books from his private library and read them to a wounded solider that her family had hide in the cellar during WWII. They might have the DVD at your library. It was not so much entertaining as it was thought provoking. I would recommend it.
    Your flowers in the window are lovely and that vine covered cottage that I see out the window is a little charmer.
    Have a sweet day.
    Connie :)

  6. Your flowers look very pretty on the window sill. I keep meaning to stop by the nursery but maybe they are closed now. I saw the 'Clearance' sign.
    I tried to get into the Book Thief once, but wasn't successful either. Maybe I will give it another try one day.

  7. The flowers are gorgeous! I loved The Book Thief movie, but haven't read the book.