Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Thrifty buys... a trio plus one

I dropped in briefly at the thrift store this morning and sure enough I found some good buys.
I love having an assortment of cardigans in lots of colours and this bright blue one ( 100% cotton)  will be super cozy. Half price today... $2.00
The lilac checked short-sleeved shirt is Liz Claiborne and was on sale for three dollars. It is in perfect shape, still crisp as new. I do love a bargain!

This quilted pillow sham has the loveliest pattern. I have no idea what I'll do with it but I knew if I left it I'd be sorry. It was fifty cents. Aren't those birds just perfect?

One last item. A wooden box with silver filigree corners. The red paper is hand made. I'll pass this on to my eldest daughter who no doubt will make something wonderful with it. She is very creative!

Do you like thrift store shopping?  Do you look for anything in particular, or just have a nice browse and see what looks tempting?

Thanks for coming by,    Granny M.


  1. I love thrifting! I haven't blogged much about my thrift store bargains lately. I'll have to change that! I love the box and would love to see what your daughter does with it.

  2. Hi! I do like thrifting but don't go enough and never seem to find the buys that other people do. Maybe I am not patient to look enough. Enjoy your new things! Nancy

  3. You did find some nice things! I love the pillowcase! The little birds are so pretty. I dearly love thrift store shopping. I never find anything if my husband goes along. You really have to take your time and look at everything on the clothes rack...one by one. Men get in too big of a hurry, mine does, anyway! :)

  4. Oh I think you know how I love thrifting. We webt hiking today. My clothes, shoes, pack, water bottle carrier were all from the thrift store. We had hiking poles bought at a garage sale.