Tuesday, 16 February 2016


Some years ago I saw such gorgeous Hellebores at the nursery that I bought several and put them in a shady area on the North side of the house where they've grown quite happily. What I didn't think of when I saw them on a raised table looking so lovely was that once they were at ground level their flowers would hang down and hard;y show at all. In addition to this drawback the blooms seem to be in bad shape. You can see this more clearly in the second photo.
Have any of you grown Hellebores and if so do you know why they have black spots? Is it some kind of fungus due to all the rain we get?   Any tips would be appreciated.

                              The Snowdrops are blooming.

                              and so are the Crocus.

Guess I'll have to be happy for the flowers that do well and hope for the best with the others!!
 ( I actually considered trying to build some kind of plexiglass cover for the Hellebores to protect them from rain but plexiglass is expensive and I'm not sure how I'd keep it over them. Too late for this year in any case.)

Thanks for visiting.   Granny Marigold


  1. I like them but we don't grow them here.

  2. Hellebore are prone to this fungus. The trick is to cut off all the old leaves just as the new growth is emerging from the ground. Then discard the old leaves, Do not put them in the compost.

    1. Well, I did one thing right and that was cutting the old foliage at the right time but unfortunately I did put them in the compost.

  3. I don't know anything about Hellebores except my sister-in-law said she loved them! I don't have any! I do want to plant some crocus thought for next year! Nancy

  4. I was going to tell you that Dollarama usually has some rigid vented domes, in a pack of two, in amongst all the seasonal garden stuff. They would be perfect for putting over one of your plants. If nothing else it would keep the rain from beating on them and the flowers might not hang down as much.

  5. PS I saw daffodils blooming in Vancouver last week. Some of ours are getting close.

  6. Oh my goodness, flowers blooming already. We really got walloped with snow yesterday. No flowers here for a couple of months.
    I've not grown hellebores so I don't know a thing about them. But now you have me curious. I will look them up.

  7. How nice it is to see such pretty flowers blooming in your garden. It's still a bit early for us, but I am getting anxious to see them again.
    So glad I read this and your comments today. I planted hellebores for the first time last year and, therefore, am still getting to know how they behave. I will keep the old leaves cut off and disposed of.