Tuesday, 23 February 2016

This Day

Finally we had a day of lovely sunshine. I spent the afternoon outside cleaning up flower beds and generally tidying up. There's still a lot to be done but at least a start has been made. 

I did more organizing in my garden shed. This picture is the "before" picture. Things helter-skelter sums it up.  DH ripped out those shelves on the right and built a wall just where the window ends so my shed is smaller but hopefully will stay neater because many things that were stored in it moved to another area.

             This is the East wall in the new shed.  Those tea cups are going to end up among my flowers. I'll post about those when I set them out.  The Santas in the left corner are some that I made from pieces of driftwood years ago .

              This is the West wall. Still needs some organizing....

.....and this is the wall straight ahead when you come in. The old picture frame just needed some paint and wires strung so I can pin stuff on.

                With the sunshine the Crocuses opened fully.

The forecast for tomorrow is much the same as today so I'm appreciating every minute of it.

Thanks for visiting once again. Hope the sun shone where you are too!

            Granny M.


  1. Your day sounds delightful. What fun you can have in your garden shed. Those shelves are wonderful for keeping everything organized. I look forward to seeing where the tea cups end up.
    Your crocuses are so pretty. We've been having rainy, cloudy days. I'm ready to see the sun, but telling myself how good the rain will be for the upcoming flowers.

  2. Your garden shed looks great! Yay for sunshine! You're ambitious!

  3. The crocus are so pretty! Glad you have sunshine!

  4. It does my heart good to see flowers blooming. We are in the middle of a winter storm so no crocuses here.
    Your shed looks wonderful! DH was very busy. Love all the shelves.
    Have a great week.

  5. Will be waiting to see what you do with all those tea cups! Love the idea of the picture frame and wire strung across it to hang things. I worked outside yesterday! Blizzard today!! ugh Nancy

  6. Your shed is looking great! Wow, a lot of crocuses, they are beautiful. I saw daffodils blooming at a property up the road, but ours aren't there yet.

  7. I will have to come see the inside of the shed in person soon!