Thursday, 25 February 2016

Thrifty Finds

I made a couple of trips to the thrift store this week. I found  a stack of those handy Ziplock containers for a dollar. That feathery purple thing on the left is actually a cute pen for a purple-loving GD.

This pad of colouring sheets appealed to me. There are quite a few really cute ones and some not my thing at all. Anyway, for .50....

This is the third Smashbook I've found at the thrift store. Since my first two are almost full I was thinking I'd look for another and sure enough I found one. If you're unfamiliar with Smashbooks just google it and you'll see countless examples.  Normally it would have a wide elastic band to hold it shut ( necessary once you've got it smashed full of stuff). I've found that those cute headbands for bald babies make a great substitute.

This lovely figurine was in the Christmas area but I intend to have it out all year round. Just have to decide where it would look best..
DH and I are re-watching the Lord of the Rings these days and his first thought when he saw this was that I had found a statue of Gandolf.  ( he was obviouly not wearing his glasses.)

This last picture is for my friend Mary whose kitty is named Primrose. I thought she'd like it.

BTW, Mary has just begun to blog and I think it would be encouraging for her to have some visitors.
Mary and I have been friends for years although we've never actually met.
Her blog is:  ilovesilverglitter.blogspot.com

Thanks for visiting .   Hope you are enjoying sunny days!!

Granny Marigold


  1. So many great finds! I will pop over and visit your friends new blog.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. You know those people who make YouTube videos of their stacks of empty journals? I could be one of them if I'm not very careful! I now have the urge to scour the nearest thrift store for a smash book, lol. I have a Christmas figurine kind of like that which I've decided to leave out all year. Mine is a music box. Lots of fun stuff you found!

  3. I must admit I had never heard of a Smashbook so I took your advice and googled it. Great idea. Chris

  4. A Smash book huh! I had never heard of them! I will have to visit your friend's blog. Have a lovely week-end! Nancy

  5. Great finds... I haven't been thrifting in a while. I need to go again soon. My daughter in law gave me a Smash Book for my birthday but I haven't tackled it yet...

  6. Smashbooks are like scrapbooks I guess? They look like they are fairly pricey, so even though you didn't say what you paid, I'm sure it was one heck of a bargain! I was at MCC again today for their half price sale. Picked up a bit of this and that, some clothes, some kitchen stuff, some odds and ends. Had a good time as always:) And before I started shopping I dropped off three boxes of stuff to be resold, so felt good about that.

  7. I used to scrapbook and should finish up what I started some day! I did some altered books for awhile too...fun stuff! You got some good buys:)

  8. I have a Smashbook and it is a bit neglected. I should revisit it.
    You found some fun stuff, GM!
    I was wondering if you would like to host Mr. Badger for a week or so. Tell me what you think. I believe he would have a lot of fun hygge at your house!

    1. Thanks for thinking of me as a potential 'hostess' for Badger but I think I'll decline the honour. Please don't tell Badger though, or he might be offended.

  9. HI :)
    Oh cute stuff..love garage saling..thrift stores and all that too..have a good one..:)

  10. Oh how sweet of you, Granny Marigold! My sweet Primrose and I think you! Thanks for the blog plug too- you made my day!!