Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Day Trip

We decided to take a day trip on this penultimate day in August. We drove some 500 km ( 300 miles) and did a giant loop through the mountains, then through grassy, hilly territory, back through more mountains then home again. The weather was perfect and although at times there was too much traffic ( especially those huge semi-trucks) we had a good day. We did tour an old house but this post has enough pictures so I'll save that for tomorrow. Hope you enjoy the pics.

That sign reads: High Mountain Road  Expect sudden weather changes. All we did get was quite a strong side wind.

Stopped for tea by this rushing stream. Too bad previous picnickers had left a lot of garbage. How people can be so stupid is hard to grasp. We didn't let it spoil our day or our tea.

Thanks for visiting today. Love your comments.

Granny Marigold


  1. A one day road trip where you end up back in your own bed sounds wonderful. I love exploring.

  2. A fun day! I find it so discouraging sometimes, the mess that fellow humans will leave in a beautiful place. I think you went up the Coquihalla!

    1. We took the #3 to Princeton, then the 5A over to Merritt then the Coquihalla. It's a nice drive.

  3. Wow, you drove far in one day! Great photos. What a beautiful stream to have a cup of tea by. So glad you had a nice day!

  4. Hi GM! What a nice day and a lovely drive. You live in a beeeyoooootiful place! We went for drives just to look at the beauty when I was a kid. Five kids packed in the station wagon wasn't exactly comfy but looking out the window saved the day. I look forward to seeing the house photos! Thank you, friend!

  5. That looks like a fun and scenic day trip. I love day trips.
    I'll never understand how people are able to litter.

  6. Such gorgeous scenery.
    Hubby and I always end up picking up trash when we go out. We carry bags for that now. People that litter are jerks that care little about anything but themselves. I hope there's a special place for them!!

  7. Nice trip to enjoy! Great that yous take time to do this! Nancy