Saturday, 1 October 2016

Craft Fair

                                                                                          picture from the internet

Happy first day of October!   

We went to a craft fair this morning. It was held in part of my favourite plant shop. As you can see it's a huge place. There were many vendors and lots to see and admire. I didn't buy anything, just looked.

My DH's niece and her daughter had their table of crafts that they both work on in their spare time.

                           These glass garden ornaments  are quite amazing.

Although I didn't buy anything in the craft area I did buy this cute little  Fall arrangement. Several of the plants are not yet in bloom but the tiny Pansies are so adorable. I hope by keeping it on the porch all winter it will survive and maybe I can get seeds from it next Spring.

I noticed that there was a Hummingbird up in the structural beams of the nursery. I wonder if it spends the Winter there and if so, does anyone hang a feeder during the months that the shop is closed? 

Thanks for visiting,

                     Granny Marigold


  1. Looks like a wonderful craft fair, I love to have a stroll around them. Beautiful plant arrangement.

  2. You have a beautiful porch of flowers! Craft shows are so fun. Interesting about the hummingbird. I wonder! The glass yard ornaments are so pretty I think but wonder how long they would last with me with Coco around! Nancy

  3. Beautiful plant... I love pansies. Are you like me at craft fairs? I look at things and say to myself "I can do that", and so I don't buy it. I never do it but apparently it's enough for me to know I can!!

  4. The thing is that I am just not good at doing crafts. I like to admire all the things displayed but I have very little room left for more 'stuff' plus that 'stuff' is VERY expensive.

  5. I am like Debi at craft fairs. Those glass bird baths are quite something, but don't look too difficult to make. I can't imagine having to pack and unpack all that glass every time you went to a craft fair though. One of these years I must get myself to that particular craft fair, just to look!

  6. Hi G.M, I am the same as you. I love looking at crafts but I can't do them!
    I love you Fall arrangement. So pretty!
    Glad you had such a nice day.

  7. It's always fun to look! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Looks like great fun! I may do one craft sale this Fall...we will see. Was that an angel in the glass flower area? It looked really cute! :)

    1. You have sharp eyes.There were some glass angels. The wings were lead crystal candy dishes, the kind I still have one of. The whole angel must have been very heavy.