Thursday, 26 January 2017

This and That

A quick trip to the thrift store resulted in 2 nice finds. The cutting board is made of some wood that even DH doesn't recognize ( bamboo, maybe?) it even has non-slip feet under.  The old Watkins vanilla bottle is now being used for vanilla in my kitchen ( after a good washing).

On the subject of washing, I have had this lamb skin, fleece, whatever its proper name is, by the side of the bed so I don't have to step on to the cold wood floor in the morning. It needed a good wash but I was afraid I'd ruin it.   It turned out so clean and fluffy. I'll not hesitate to wash it in the future. I did dry it on the little rack though, away from any heat source, just in case.
In the corner of the laundry room there are drying dowels over a heater.  You can even see my very short "wash line" under the cupboard.

 We were given a bag of shallots today. I can't remember if I've ever used  shallots before. I used 2 in a soup I made for supper and they were so pungent they made my eyes water.

That's my post for today. I hope you had a good day.  Thanks for popping by.

 Granny Marigold


  1. I like the cutting board and the old Watkins bottle. I can remember when the Watkins man used to stop by our house to see if mama needed anything. She once bought a set of heavy blue mixing bowls from him. I have one of the bowls now. The one she used to use for making banana pudding. That is the neatest cleanest laundry room I've ever seen. I love the fluffy rug!

  2. Yes that is a bamboo cutting board. I found a nice new board with the rubber non slip thingies on the bottom at the TS a while ago too! I'm glad your fluffy pink sheepskin turned out well. I think it depends on the method used to tan it. I did tan a few of my own sheepskins years ago. They were not washable, so I sent one to the dry cleaners. They obviously didn't 'dry' clean it, because it came back all shrunken and hard. I was not happy!

  3. I love your laundry drying rack over the register. What a great idea.

  4. What great finds today from the thrift shop. Like Henny Penny I remember the Watkins man coming around our neighbourhood.
    What a nice laundry room you have. I like the drying dowels over the heater, good idea.
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. Used to have one of those "rugs" for beside the bed. :-) I didn't know what to do with it, when it became... "grungy." Too bad I didn't just try washing it!

    You have a lovely laundry room!!! Love the place for the rack, and the tiny line, under the cabinet!

    Our laundry is in the first floor powder room. The room had to be enlarged, to accommodate the stacked washer/dryer, and small cabinet. We lost the front hall closet.

    But we built this house way back in 1968, so it still had laundry in basement. Eeeek! Comes a time, when that is a health hazard. Very happy to have it, on first floor now.

    Enjoy your Friday!
    Luna Crone

  6. I remember my Momma using Watkins Vanilla! Your utility room caught my eye....it's so nice!!

  7. I like your cute little clothesline. ;)
    I don't think I've ever used shallots either. Now I know what they look like! :)

  8. I've never used shallots, but I did plant some last spring. Only one came up and I gave it to my son in law. I sometimes dry clothes on my wooden rack in front of the woodstove.

  9. Hey, if you're looking to get rid of a few shallots, I know someone who loves them ;)
    - Sheila

    1. Come by after work. I have also baked choc. chip cookies!