Monday, 31 July 2017

Last Day of July

Saying Goodbye to this hot dry month and wondering if August will be any different.

I took down my calendar to change the page and realized I had not read the little blurb on the bottom of the July page. I'll share it with you:

Make room in your garden for a wild corner.
In it plant buddleia, lady's smock, clover, mint and marjoram, to provide nectar for butterflies.
Grow clumps of nettles, honesty and tall meadow grasses for caterpillar food plants and provide tangles of ivy and piles of stones for hibernation and shelter from the wind.

I have a wild area in the far back  corner where the compost bins are and I'd show it to you  but apparently I cannot insert any pictures today. I have an idea that something needs fixing on my computer.

Thanks for visiting today. I'll see if my son can figure out what's going on with my computer.

      Granny Marigold


  1. Gardening calendars are beautiful and have lots of good ideas. I need to look for one next year. Hate you can't load pictures. I would love to see the wild area. Your yard is so pretty!

  2. Love that... Plant a wild garden. Actually the back of our yard, along the fence, is wild. As plantings have to fight with binder vine, from the next yard. -sigh-

    You had hot dry July. We had just the opposite. No Global Warming in my neck of the woods, this summer.

    Hope your blogging photos issue, is easily straightened out.

    Happy new month!!!!

  3. Hello Granny,

    Thank you for sharing the info from your calender page. I hope we get to see your wild section. I noticed that profile pics are not showing up now on comments that folks have left for me. They were there earlier today. I'm guessing it has to do with Blogger.

  4. Maybe you need to pay Google 5 dollars for additional storage. It's just five dollars per year. Easy.