Saturday, 22 July 2017


We've had some much needed rain. Not really enough to soak the thirsty ground but enough to make the mop-head Hydrangeas droop. The first picture is before the rain and the second shows them hanging their heads.  From previous experience I know they won't be able to lift them Incidentally, there is a framework ( old black tubular futon backs) pushed against them which by now you can't see but which kept them off the ground at least.

 The rest of the pictures I took of the front yard mostly so I'll remember next year what bloomed when etc. but I thought I'd include them because otherwise this might be a very short post.

As you can see, the Endless Summer Hydrangea didn't suffer as much as the others.

I've noticed that many bloggers, being busy with summertime activities, are posting less often. I thought I'd TRY to blog every second day. I'll see how that goes.

Thanks for visiting!!

Granny Marigold


  1. your gardens are bountiful and beautiful!

    yes, less posting and less commenting. the lurkers still come though. sigh

    {no caps... I sort of sprained my left wrist, so i am 'picking' at the keys, with my right hand. my long-ago typing teacher, would faint. ,-) luna crone}

  2. Your gardens remind me so much of my grandmother's gardens. Flowers were her passion and her gardens showed that. I love seeing all of yours!

  3. Thank you Luna Crone and Dianna for your kind words!