Friday, 4 August 2017

Paper Dolls

My computer problem apparently was only caused by a mouse that was not working right any more so son#2 recommended a good one on Amazon which I then ordered. I was a little short of the required $35 that would give me free shipping so I browsed to see what I might order. I found these adorable paper dolls. They are inspired by Cicely Mary Barker's flower fairies! I have several of CMB's little flower fairy books and am always on the look-out for others.
This cute book is published by Frederick Warne Publishing... the same publishers that have published Beatrix Potter's books. Isn't that great?
I'll show you a few of the inside pages. You'll notice that the outfits  are made so that they slip over the doll's head instead of just those finicky tabs that used to frustrate me so when I was a girl. Also, this gives the paper doll a back as well as a front of the outfit.

I don't know if I'll detach the dolls and their clothes just yet. I'm going to enjoy them as they are for now. Did you love paper dolls when you were a little girl?

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       Granny Marigold


  1. Yes, I did like paper dolls. Seems like such a primitive toy now that we are in the electronic age, but still fun I think.

  2. Yeaaaaaaa, that your computer problem was easily fixed!

    Ohhhhh precious!!!!!!!

    Oh yes!!!! I loved paper dolls. And kept my stash very safely. :-)))

    I adored my paper dolls and my lovely coloring books. Had a few of coloring books of old movie stars. In costumes too. I would not color them in. they were toooo precious.

    I would trace the pictures, and use the tracings. :-)

    Sweet memories. Thank you. :-)

  3. I dearly loved paper dolls. Any time we were in town and would go in the dime store, I came home with new paper dolls. My sister enjoyed cutting out the clothes, so she cut and I played. One summer we were playing with paper dolls sitting outside in the grass. I mailed her a dress by wrapping the dress around a rock and throwing it to her. The dress fell off but the rock continued on and hit my sister in the eye and broke her eye glasses. I did some pretty dumb things. :)

    1. Oh dear! Sounds kind of amusing now but I don't imagine your sister found it so. Did you get in trouble because of the broken glasses?

  4. Yes! I had Barbie paper dolls! I still love them! Yours are wonderful!

  5. Yes and I hated when those tabs tore. What a wonderful bunch of paperdolls:)

  6. I have, twice now, added a tube of toothpaste to my order to get the free shipping from Amazon ;-) I remember those paper dolls, and how annoying the little tabs were. I like the idea of the back and front ones in your little book.

  7. I did enjoy paper dolls when I was a little girl. I had several and I tried getting our granddaughters interested when they were younger, but they didn't seem to be as excited over them as I was.